17 januari 2023


Een tussenjaar? Even een jaartje helemaal wat anders maar je weet nog niet hoe en waar? Misschien is deze beurs wat voor jou. Good News ZA […]
27 december 2022

Let’s GO South Africa

Let’s GO South Africa Nog geen plannen voor 2023? Misschien is dit wat voor jou. Jeugd met een Opdracht Go-team uit Heidebeek (NL) heeft een reis […]
27 december 2022

Nieuws uit Karatara, Zuid-Afrika, december 2022

Nieuws uit Karatara, december 2022. “Want met U loop ek ’n bende storm, en met my God spring ek oor ’n muur.” (Psalms 18:30, Die Bybel, Afrikaans) […]

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About Goodnews

Our vision

We want to be an interdenominational organization known for its unconditional love for children and youth. We are driven by our faith in God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to bring the good news

Our history

Good News ZA was founded in January 2014 by Theo and Jinke de Jong. After working for two years at another organization, God made it clear to them that they had to do full-time child and youth work.

Our work

The problems in our work areas, the rural areas around Knysna, are complex. The villages, poor in the history of forestry workers villages, have been largely damaged by poor maintenance. There is little work, a lot of drinking and drug use, sexual abuse, poverty and children are sexually active at an early age.
This problem continues from generation to generation because of the wrong choices made by the parents and their children. By focusing on the children and youth of these villages, we try to break this negative pattern of life. Our goal is that the children and young people make the right choices for a hopeful future.